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Secret Spirits | Pastor Gary McSpadden teaches a sermon series, exposing the secret spirits that have crept into the church. For your gift of $54 or more.

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8 part Series on Secret Spirits that can destroy your life.Secret Spirits That Destroy

Pastor Gary McSpadden

Pastor Gary McSpadden of Faith & Wisdom Church in Branson, MO was recently on the program and brought his 8 CD Sermon Series on “Secret Spirits That Destroy”. For your gift of $54 or more of support to this ministry, we will send you this life-changing series.


  • Snakes in the Church – The Python Spirit
  • The Spirit of AntiChrist
  • The Jezebel Spirit
  • The Spirit of Cain
  • The Spirit of Leviathan
  • Spirit of Holiness vs the Spirit of Rebellion
  • The Absalom Spirit – Spirit of Disloyalty


BONUS CDScripture and Thoughts to Bring Healing

As a special bonus, you will also receive a bonus CD from Pastor Gary, “scripture and Thoughts to Bring Healing” This CD is full of Scripture and thoughts from Pastor Gary as well as inspirational music from Dino, Glory-Ann Prophet and Gary McSpadden!


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