Period Relief


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Period Relief

Period Relief

Experience Revolutionary Period Relief Period Relief Is A Fast Acting And Highly Effective Solution For Menstrual Pain & Cramps:

A topical formula for the temporary relief of the symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle during menstruation or ovulation. This product is a unique topical gel when spread over the lower abdomen and back, it provides perfect pain relief.

Easy Application Revolutionary Relief

Clean area and apply a thin layer of gel to the lower abdomen and back over the area of pain and cramping Apply as needed. For best results, not rub in, allow Period Relief to be absorbed into the skin. Do not use over other topical remedies or lotions as it will decrease the effectiveness.

Active Ingredients:

Apis Armica
Belladonna Bellis
Bryonia Cactus
Caulophyllum Cimicifuga
Colocynthis Cyclamen
Gelsemium Jonesia
Kali Carb. Lilium
Rhamnus Cal. Savina
Tilia Vibumum

All ingredients are HPUS and in 4x potency


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