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Kevin’s Ministry Schedule

  • DEC 4 @ 11am: Eagle Heights Worship Center – Springfield, MO
  • DEC 7 @ 7pm: Grace Community Assembly – Branson, MO

In Studio This Week:

TUESDAY 12/06: Mike Wellman, Roger Mattox

WEDNESDAY 12/07: Little E, Dr. Lee Fredrickson

THURSDAY 12/08: Anita French Kidd

FRIDAY 12/09: The McClintocks, Promised Land Zoo

This Week on the Broadcast

MONDAY 12/05: The Blackwoods

TUESDAY 12/06: Zack & Cherie Swain

WEDNESDAY 12/07: Gary McSpadden

THURSDAY 12/08: Kevin Reich

FRIDAY 12/09: Cecil Todd

MONDAY 12/05: Pastor Pudge & Sister Sludge

TUESDAY 12/06: Jerry Day, J.T. Guyton, Terry Sanders

WEDNESDAY 12/07: David Brooks, J.T. Guyton

THURSDAY 12/08: No Guest

FRIDAY 12/09: No Guest

Branson Mill

The Kevin Shorey Show is taped live at the Branson Mill:

  • Tuesdays thru Fridays at 11am
  • Free Admission!

Branson Mill, located 3300 N. Gretna in Branson, MO.