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Our New Friend, Valerie Saxion, N.D.

Valerie Saxion, N.D., joined us recently on the show and introduced her amazing product line to our Family of Friends! Be sure to see them all! Our way of saying Thank You for your financial support!

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Kevin’s Ministry Schedule

  • Check back each week for an update of “Kevin on the Road” and see if he and the team will be near you!

In Studio This Week:

TUESDAY 2/14: Tee Fuller

WEDNESDAY 2/15: The McClintocks

THURSDAY 2/16: Valerie Saxion, Warren Hunter, Little E

FRIDAY 2/17: Valerie Saxion

This Week on the Broadcast

MONDAY 2/13: Barbara Fairchild

TUESDAY 2/14: Terry Sanders, CJ Newsom

WEDNESDAY 2/15: Dale & Jeannie Daly, Laura Black-Wines

THURSDAY 2/16: Jeremiah Cummings

FRIDAY 2/17: Jeremiah Cummings

MONDAY 2/13: Shelia Artt, Kenny Parrott

TUESDAY 2/14: Shelia Artt, Kenny Parrott

WEDNESDAY 2/15: Dennis Webb, Gary Dooms

THURSDAY 2/16:  Valerie Saxion, CJ Newsom

FRIDAY 2/17: Valerie Saxion, Pastor Pudge

Branson Mill

The Kevin Shorey Show is taped live at the Branson Mill:

  • Tuesdays thru Fridays at 11am
  • Free Admission!

Branson Mill, located 3300 N. Gretna in Branson, MO.